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A Catanese for the Catanesi.. and not only

The fine dining restaurant Concezione Restaurant bears the signature of Manuel Tropea, a 29-year-old chef, which opened its doors in Catania, in via Giuseppe Verdi, in the historic centre.

An important milestone for the young chef, who already has many years of experience behind him, from the popular cuisine of Catania to starred restaurants.

“I am happy to have reached the goal of a restaurant where I can express my sensitivity. I have worked hard over the years to improve my technique, but above all to refine my conception of cooking; this continuous movement is for me the essential element of my story, that of a young man from Catania who grows, changes, evolves, but remains from Catania in his soul. I am grateful to the dreams that have given me the energy and passion to get here over the years".

Chef Manuel Tropea

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